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What Is Third Party Auditing?

Third Party Auditing is when an independent entity conducts an audit of a business against a set of defined standards. The auditing body cannot have a direct relationship to the business being audited, or the business who administers the standards. The auditing party is independent of both entities. The audit is completed on a fee for service basis by an organisation that has recognised capabilities in auditing and often in the industry specific activities that are being audited.

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Why Third Party Auditing?

Third Party Auditing is the most independent and rigorous of the auditing standards. It is a base requirement for any producer supplying animal protein bearing the Australian Certified Humane logo. First party audits, also known as internal audits, is when a business audits its own operations. Second party audits are when a company performs an audit of a supplier to ensure that they meet the requirements of the company purchasing the product.  Both methods are susceptible to compromise because of the financial interest of the parties involved in the conduct of and completion of the auditing certificate. Third Party auditing is universally recognised as the most independent and most rigorous way of avoiding any conflict of interest and guaranteeing to the end consumer that a product satisfies the claims that are attached to it.

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Our Auditor

With 27+ years of experience in the auditing and certification industry across Australia and New Zealand, Andrew Little has been engaged by Australian Certified Humane to audit producers supplying animal protein into the Australian Certified Humane supply chain. To find out more about Andrew and the Third Party Auditing process click on the link above or watch his video here.

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